Music Industry Podcast: Ep. 218 Why Merchandise Needs to Be As Important As Your Music


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This week’s episode #218 we are joined by Patrick Mahoney from Manhead Merch to discuss music merchandise. Why you should consider partnering with someone to produce and sell your merch. What is licensing when it comes to your logo and likeness. Why merchandise is more than just a black t-shirt. Why you shouldn’t ignore the black t-shirt… and so much more!

Patrick Mahoney, Manhead Merch,

Patrick Mahoney has been a part of music and entertainment merchandising for over twenty years with practical experience in every facet of the industry – artist relations, operations, production, licensing, sponsorships, budgeting/finance and administration. Fifteen of those twenty years have been spent in senior level positions based in New York, London, Los Angeles and Nashville. Patrick also has a high level of practical experience in other areas of the music industry including artist management and tour production and accounting.

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