‘You’ve got to work at songwriting 7 days a week. There’s no such thing as writer’s block.’


If you haven’t sung or danced along to at least one in that list, then let MBW be the first to say: Welcome to planet earth, we hope you enjoyed your journey and thank you for coming to ‘help out’ with Mr Trump. He co-wrote 14 US number ones (and co-produced them all, as well, by the way) whilst helping create ‘The Sound of Young America’, which, again, in most circumstances, would sound a trifle boastful, l but in this case is actually a disservice. So, whilst Dozier is happy to contemplate the wider impact of his work, it is songs and songwriting on which we focus and where we start, in the early ’50s in, where else, Detroit… When did you first think you could make your living from music, and was that as a performer or songwriter?  read more at musicbusinessworldwide.com

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