Grin And Bear It – Unpredictability In The Music Industry


One of the big struggles of the music industry is always going to be the unpredictability – especially on the underground and DIY level. Sometimes the shows you booked on a tour with promoters you know end up falling apart, other times the cool new merch idea you had that you put a lot of money into end up not selling at all and make you the laughingstock of your scene. These things happen. These things force us to reevaluate a lot about our industry and make us understand that it’s very difficult to get anywhere within an industry that is frequently evolving, is fickle and which rarely has any money to back projects. It’s the sort of thing that is frequently a struggle to really wrap your head around and developing within it requires a lot of financial resources, humility and patience, a combination which frequently doesn’t work out among 4 or 5 people in the same band for reasons that shouldn’t come as a surprise. read more at

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