The Real Secret To Success Most Musicians Don’t Want To Hear


As musicians we spend nearly countless hours creating music, only to cross our fingers and hope our latest-greatest songs will magically meet the ears of new listeners.

It’s work. It’s all work. Not magic. Yes, a little luck. But mostly: work.

My interview with instrumental guitarist Lance Allen drove this point home for me. He’s been paying off his mortgage with the revenue he earns from streaming activity on Spotify and Pandora. How? Not by magic and not by chance. The dude works his ass off. Not just on his guitar skills, but on research, reaching out to the right people in the right way, following up, setting goals and keeping after them without letting up until he’s explored every possible avenue. He’s not hustling, which for me always implies either an element of swindle or frenzy. He’s working hard AND smart. His efforts are deliberate. read more at

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